Saturday, May 14, 2016

End of Semster

Once again it is time to reminisce about what I have accomplished this semester and show off my last projects. I'm especially proud of this semester's turn out, partly because they look really good (narcissistic pat on the back) and partly because they were all done with techniques and tools I have never used before. 

This was the semester I taught myself some Photoshop skills, and though I have much more to learn, I am feeling pretty good about certain aspects of it. 

It is also my last semester printmaking. I have never fallen in love with an art form as I did with printmaking. As I finished my last print and packed up my stuff I felt so sad to leave the printmaking room. So many late nights were spent there, listening to NPR's This American Life, thinking about what it means to be human as I worked. There was something so peaceful and entrancing about the repetitive motions: ink, alighn paper, rotate press, repeat. I can't help but sing Vitamin C's "Graduation (Friends Forever)" to myself, it seems appropriate.

So here are the pictures I created using the Super Sculpey dolls I made. It's called "Alone Together" a story about Glenda, an anthropomorphic representation of the kind of loneliness you experience when you're surrounded by people (a solely negative feeling), and Soledad, the kind of loneliness you experience when no one is around (a feeling that can be either positive or negative). This is the story of how they met, so that they may be alone together. 

I have already posted the last painting I did for my digital painting class, but here it is again for the sake of categorization. 

Lastly (well not lastly I have a print I need to photograph nicely, and I'll post that as soon as I borrow a camera), here is my last typography project. I have actually learned how appreciate typography and design more than I thought I would because of this class, and my wonderful teacher who nearly cried and insisted on taking a group picture after our final exam. 

Bye for now.