Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Time Art!

Happy Summer!

I know it's summer, but that doesn't stop me from making art. Although I have taken a bit of break. I have been sleeping in, binge watching "Friends," hanging out the real friends, exercising a lot, and occasionally I just lie on the floor listening to music. I've been doing all the things there is never enough time for during school! 

But I have taken on some projects! My roommate Alex is going to be an elementary school teacher in the fall, and I'm helping here make some decorations for her classroom. I made a bunch of fun patterns, each in a theme of a subject she loves (ballet, baking, dinosaurs, etc.), and I used those patterns to create a sign for her name.

 We fell in love with these patterns so much that we might print and frame them to hang in our apartment. 

I have also been having some fun with Illustrator, rediscovering what I can do with it. So sort of completely out of the blue I came up with this! I started by making some mountains, and suddenly the idea of a whale emerging from the desert sounded like a picture I had to create. It is the first time I made a digital image without having handmade sketch first. I think that's an accomplishment!  

And lastly, I made another Glenda doll. My teacher kept the first one, and not having one with me just wouldn't do. 

I still need to paint her eyes and add a little color to her cheeks, but I also like her like this. So I haven't been entirely useless these last . . .5 weeks? Has it really been that long?! Well, I have a few more projects that I just started on, I'll keep you posted! 

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