Friday, August 19, 2016

Last Days of Summer

 Happy Friday!

It's my last Friday before school starts, so I better finish catching up on what I've been doing this summer (the big stuff anyway, I won't bore you with my napkin doodles).

Here is the last illustration I did for Love in the Time of Global Warming. I didn't do all the illustrations I wanted to, but maybe I can continue them in whatever bit of free time I have as well as during holiday breaks. 

I really like this hoodie, by the way. I'm way too proud of it, I don't usually do fabric that well.

I have been making a few illustrations for an internship I will have over the next school year. They wanted me to have some stuff ready before school started, which was not preferable, but at least it was enjoyable to make. I also made a couple of maps and started designing a workbook for children (my internship involves me creating teaching materials); that stuff isn't very exciting though, so I won't bother to post it here. 

Check out these desert animals though! I'm going to be learning so much about the Sonoran Desert here in southern Arizona. 

This is a Cooper's Hawk.

Purple-backed spiny lizard. 

And this is giant desert centipede, it's about as long as a dollar bill.

I will use these and other drawings for the cover of the workbook as well as for creating a poster of the the various biomes at Mt. Lemmon, which is a mountain just north and east of Tucson, AZ. The workbook will be in black and white, but the poster will be in color, and here are some of the plants that I have just finished coloring this morning. 

This is an Ocotillo plant, which is just nature's barbed wire. It's just sticks with giant spikes coming out and a few leaves in between, lovely. 

Of course, the famous Saguaro cactus, I don't think the color is quite right on this one, so I will probably do it again. 

And lastly we have a Prickly Pear cactus, these guys are everywhere in southern Arizona, they produce a dark purple-redish fruit which some people like to eat. I will be making lots of similar drawings for my internship in the next few months, so I will keep you updated on those.

So that's it, that's just about all the art I've made this summer. And that's the end of summer 2016. Where did the time go? Time to get back to class projects. I'm really excited about the things I'll come up with this semester!

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