Thursday, October 20, 2016

Flora and Fauna of Mt. Lemmon

One thing I have been working on this semester that I haven't really talked about is my scientific illustrations of the plants, animals and occasional fungi on Mt. Lemmon. My goal is to put together a little, super simple field guide for Mt. Lemmon, my local Sky Island. You can visit to find out more about that. 

I love the desert, and it seems to me that it's very underappreciated. People like big trees and deer, or beaches and fish, but I've learned to really love all these pointy, prickly, gray, dead-looking, evil plants and animals that crawl and attack me. They're so unique and resilient, it's amazing! I want to spread the love and appreciation I feel to anyone who is willing to listen. . .or read my field guide. It'll be self-published through, and maybe I'll get a bunch to distribute around Tucson. I haven't began putting the book together yet, but here are some of my favorite drawings for it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. 


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